An Insider’s Look at the War on Women




This collection of 17 case histories from the National Center for Women’s Health depict the real-life struggle of women who seek real choices in their health care and fertility. Stories include:

  1. The Media’s Cover-Up
  2. She‘s Taking Testosterone!?
  3. Why is it so Dark Outside?
  4. She Will be Retarded!
  5. I Have Adhesions Around my Ovaries and My Liver?
  6. Physician-Induced Miscarriage
  7. There‘s Nothing We Can Do
  8. They Don‘t Want to Make a Diagnosis!
  9. Now You Can Feel Like You are a Part of This
  10. My Cesarean Section Caused What?
  11. I Want to get Pregnant and You Tied my Tubes?
  12. They Mocked my Moral Beliefs
  13. The Teenage Girl and Menstrual Cramps
  14. Emergency Room Visits for Pelvic Pain
  15. I Don‘t have a Uterus or Ovaries?
  16. My IUD Is Where?
  17. Can I Call 911?

Get your copy and learn about the true “War on Women” going on today.

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