Stolen Identity




The number one human rights issue of our day!

From the Introduction

“Have you ever seen a picture of the baby once it has been ground up, decapitated, dismembered, burned, or other devastating events harmful to its existence? It is likely that you have not seen those types of pictures, although a few people have. The author is relatively convinced that the debate on abortion in the United States is a good example of a culture that doesn’t really have an idea of what is happening in the abortion procedure.
Let there be no doubt that politicians and the mass media have kept the true and real identity of this new life and the violent and ugly images of its destruction away from the people and it has been purposeful! The true identity has been stolen by human life deniers!”

About Dr. Thomas W. Hilgers

Dr. Hilgers is Director of the Institute’s Academic Programs and its National Center for Procreative Health. He is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology, gynecologic laser surgery and is a member of the Society of Reproductive Surgeons, the Society of Robotic Surgeons, and the Society of Procreative Surgeons. Furthermore, he is certified by the American Academy of FertilityCare Professionals (AAFCP) as a FertilityCare™ Medical Consultant (CFCMC) and Educator (CFCE).

He is the author of over 238 professional books, book chapters, poster sessions, articles, videotapes and he has given countless numbers of professional presentations. He has also been the recipient of 18 special recognition awards and 7 research awards. He directs the largest annual CME program at Creighton University School of Medicine (132 hours per year). He is the recipient of 3 honorary doctorates and was named the Physician of the Year by the Nebraska Family Council.

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