We found the Saint Paul VI Institute through the guiding hands of God and a few helpful recommendations from our friends. After a year of unsuccessfully attempting to achieve a pregnancy, we were searching for answers with minimal assistance from the physicians we had been seeing. We met with Dr. Teresa Hilgers in June 2018, and our lives have been forever changed since that day. After no more than a thirty-second review of my Creighton chart, Dr. Hilgers expected endometriosis. We were so grateful for an answer to our otherwise diagnosed “unexplained infertility” and were amazed at her quick assessment of my condition. Dr. Hilgers was focused on the whole picture of gynecological health and wellness, an avenue of care I felt many previous medical professionals had failed to provide.

“…we knew I was being treated by a medical team allowing God to control every process of their care.”

A diagnostic laparoscopy indicated infertility to be the least of our concerns at the time. Yes, I had endometriosis, and a lot of it. Dr. Hilgers also discovered an anomaly on my colon, a cluster of endometrial cells was beginning to form a stricture around my colon.

Surgery for removal of the endometriosis was no longer an elective procedure, and my surgical date was quickly advanced. Under the care of Dr. Hilgers and Dr. Robert Fitzgibbons, I underwent a partial colectomy and excision of dozens of endometrial adhesions.


Further treatment for chronic endometritis, thyroid inefficiency, and a luteal phase deficit, caused by chronic low progesterone, left me wondering if I had any idea of what “normal” gynecological health felt like. Through the treatment process, the care we received at the Saint Paul VI Institute was beyond exceptional. Every appointment I attended, every procedure I underwent, every question I proposed, we knew I was being treated by a medical team allowing God to control every process of their care. It was obvious the miracle of life we were so feverishly praying for was being lifted up in the prayerful intentions of each person we met at the Saint Paul VI Institute Institute.

With immense gratitude in our hearts, we were elated to discover we were expecting our first child after just the first cycle post-surgery. There was no doubt we wanted to continue to receive prenatal care with Dr. Hilgers, and we continued to drive the 300 mile round-trip for all of our appointments. Dr. Hilgers monitored my progesterone levels throughout my pregnancy, supplementing with injections of progesterone, and easing our fears and anxiety of the unknown with evidence based care and the compassion of a true friend.


We welcomed our son, Ike Bernard Paulsen, on June 20, 2019 after two-and-a-half days of labor. Dr. Hilgers gave us the sense of calm and perseverance we needed to continue our journey to parenthood on those final, exhausting days. My health and the health of our unborn child was her number one priority. And just as she had done at the time of my surgical procedures the summer before, Dr. Hilgers had cared for us with a level of compassion we’ll never forget.

“Today, we are grateful for my health and the toothy grin of our 10-month old son.”

We pray our story continues with the opportunity to welcome more children into our family through the guiding hands of the staff at the Saint Paul VI Institute. Today, we are grateful for my health and the toothy grin of our 10-month old son.

We are grateful for the opportunity to have received care at the Saint Paul VI Institute. We are grateful for Dr. Teresa Hilgers and for her never ending compassion. We are grateful to have been witnesses to a modern-day miracle. And we gratefully understand that each and every one of these good and perfect gifts has been given to us from above.

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