The Reproductive Ultrasound Center of the Saint Paul VI Institute is an advanced level II dedicated reproductive ultrasound center. It is at the core of the Institute’s reproductive programs. The Institute has published two papers defining a new syndrome in infertility called the empty follicle syndrome. Papers for publication in the future include an analysis of the various structural abnormalities of human ovulation (this has been accepted for formal presentation at the 1999 national meeting of the American Institute for Ultrasound in Medicine) and the early identification of certain types of pregnancies that are at high risk for miscarriage (where the gestational sac is discrepant from the size of the embryo). In addition, a whole series of papers are being prepared which correlate ultrasound findings of ovulation and pregnancy related events with biophysical markers of the CrMS.

The ultrasound center is staffed by registered diagnostic medical sonographers who have all satisfactorily completed their board examinations in this field. They have extensive experience in evaluating the early embryo and fetus by ultrasound. These sonographers were involved in the production of the videotape “Living Proof.” Recently, the center was recognized for its excellence by satisfying the rigorous accreditation standards of the Ultrasound Practice Accreditation Commission of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine.

One of the challenges facing the pro-life movement has constantly been how education on the humanity of the unborn is best accomplished. With the advent of 3-D ultrasound imaging (volume mode imaging) this technology is taking us into new vistas for the evaluation of the unborn and the education of the public with regard to its humanity.