Sister Renée, my husband and I want to tell you your wise counsel regarding the difficult obstetric decisions we needed to make with our latest pregnancy has made all the difference to us in the world. To think we were so close to doing something we now realize we would have lived to regret for the rest of our lives. We thank God everyday that you and the Saint Paul VI Institute were there to help us.

Sister, your sensitive and enlightening discussion of our desire to reverse our sterilization was just so level-headed yet totally understanding of the reality of sin and the devastating effects it could have (and did have) on us and our marriage. We were really blessed to have been referred to your center.

My hubby and I keep saying: “Sister Renée has a real gift. She jump-started our marriage.” And you did—by putting us on the right track with our family planning and sexual practices. You’re an inspiration, Sister. You’ll be hearing from some of our friends…

I’ve been in dialogue with the administration of the Catholic health care organization where I have privileges, questioning why a Catholic institution would allow permanent sterilizations to be performed in their hospital. Acting as a medical/ethical consultant, Sr. Renée Mirkes came to my aid in discussing the important ethical, moral and theological aspects of this issue in a very organized and eloquent, rational yet passionate way.

You really made me and my husband think more in depth about our tentative decision to adopt abandoned frozen embryos. Your counsel just provided a side of the issue we had not considered. Thanks for being there and God bless you and your work at the Pope Paul VI Institute.

I just have to chuckle now that I think of it. You’re the first person (and believe me my wife and I have made the rounds of counselors, priests, etc) that was able to so clearly explain what’s at stake in fertilizing human life in a laboratory that it actually had the power to change my wife’s mind about trying IVF. We’re looking into NaProTechnology instead and however things turn out we’ve come to great peace of mind. We now know we’re on the right road in trying to have our own baby. We just can’t thank you enough!